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Your initiative to provide where Logitech failed to answer their customers needs is really an addition in my opinion...
keep up the good work !!

 Pelle Abrahamsen  more>>

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Self Check

AbelCams SelfChecks tests the functionality of AbelCam services.

  • Cameras: SelfCheck grabs two images from the capture devices and compares them pixel by pixel. If they are identical, the capture device does not work correctly ( due to digital noise images are never identical ) and the capture device can be restarted.
  • WebServer: SelfCheck makes a http request to itself. If the request fails, the webserver will be restarted

SelfCheck Interval: how often should the SelfCheck be executed

Restart failed cameras: check this to restart failed cameras. If not checked, cameras remain disabled.

Number of restart attempts: how many times should a disabled camera be restarted

Send Email when camera(s) fail: check this to receive a notfication by email

Remove / Readd failed cameras: check this to let SelfCheck remove and readd a failed camera. Some times camera problems can be resolved this way if just enabling them does not solve the problem.

Email Properties

Email address: email used for notification

Mail Server: SMTP Server to send notification to. If your server does not run on the standard port, you may include the port number like this:

StartTLS / SSL: check either of these if your mail server requires an encrypted connection

Authentication: enter Username and Password if required by your mail server

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