All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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AbelCam has been working great for me.
The only time I ever reboot on the webcam PC is when MS sends down an update patch.
I think a big problem with some other webcam software is memory leaks. You seem to have those plugged.

The pro version is definitely worth the 20 Euros

 Harry Andrews  more>>

File Menu | Cameras | Configuration | Messages | About |

Camera Configuration Add Camera Add Tuner Camera Image File Menu Cameras Configuration Messages About


Left Panel

Configured, loaded Cameras

The list shows all configured and loaded cameras.

Cam#: Camera number. Hold the mouse over the number to see the capture interface used.

Name: Camera name, either entered or derived from the capture devices name. Hold the mouse over the name to see the capture interface name.

the name is green when the camera is running, orange in a problem condition, light yellow when the camera is not active

PTZ: shows green when PTZ is enabled

Access: shows dark green for recent access, light green for access a while ago. The text ( img and/or ptz ) shows the type of access. Hold the mouse over this field to see the cameras configuration folder.

buttons to add and remove cameras and agents

Right Panel

selected camera

Use the S button to store a single shot

Right click to pop up a camera preview window

Camera Controls


Cam / PanTilt / WMV: click to change state

Config click to configure selected camera

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