All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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Configure Name and Description for web server

Listed: check this to list your camera(s) on the AbelCam camera list

Camera Name: this name will be used on the web pages

Description: this description will be used on the web pages

Server URL: this is the URL to be used to access AbelCams web server

Picture URL: this is the URL for a JPEG image

Cam URL: this url is used to access the camera

Test 1-3: click here to see if the configured URLs work

Reset to Default URLs: click here to generate the URLs after name/IP number or port changes in Web Server Basic


Active: check this to activate the DynDNS Setup

Monitor IP address: when this is checked, AbelCam monitors the Windows network events and updates the DynDNS information if necessary

DropList: Select one of the proconfigured DynDNS providers

Update: Click here to force an update of the DNS information

Hostname: enter the host name *)

Username: enter the user name *)

Password: enter the password *)

*) this information must match your or account information

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