All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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The AbelCam scheduler allows to execute tasks at regular intervals

Task Types

  • Add Camera

    add a camera or replace a existing camera with a different one. The camera configuration is loaded from a folder which allows different configurations for the same camera/capture interface

  • Remove Camera

    remove a camera. If the camera to be removed is not defined, the scheduler ignores this task

  • Get Listed

    use this task to get your cameras on the AbelCam camera list

  • Unlist

    use this task to remove your cameras from the AbelCam camera list

  • Execute Command

    execute any command. This can be used for various purposes, eg to create time lapse videos with JPEG2VideoC. While command line programs work best, programs with a GUI can also be started.

  • Stop AbelCam

    close down AbelCam

Use Scheduler

when this checkbox is checked, the scheduler is active

Task list

this list shows all configured tasks. Select a task to edit it below


click this button to create a new task


click this button to delete the task selected in the task list

Edit Task

Name: choose a unique, meaningfull name for each task

Type: Select the task type

Test: this executes the task being edited

Save: this saves the currently edited task

Interval: The minimum interval is 1 minute. Use a zero interval for a one time execution.

Next Execution Time: next execution time for the task. The time/date for execution of a task has to be in the future.

Make sure that no tasks are to be executed at the same time

When AbelCam starts and when a task is executed, the interval will be added until the next execution time is in the future.

Other entry fields depend on the task selected. Their function should be obvious

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