All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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Descriptions for all options are available by holding the mouse over the checkbox (ToolTip)

Start Options / User Level

Autostart: when this is checked, AbelCam will be added to the Autostart program group

I am a AbelCam Expert: this option enables more advanced features.

You need to save the configuration and restart AbelCam to activate this setting.

Start Minimized: when this is checked, AbelCam will start minimized

Use BETA features: this option enables new features which are not fully tested

Minimize to tray: check this to minimize AbelCam to the tray instead of the task bar

Check Announcements: when this is checked, AbelCam will check for new announcements in the AbelCam Forum and display new ones

Don't remove failed USB devices: when this is checked, USB devices which dissappear from the computer won't be removed from the active camera list. They remain in a disabled state until the device reappears. Once the device is back, it will be restarted.

Run Preview at low frame rate: check this to update the preview image in the camera list at a low frame rate to save a few CPU cycles.

Don't remove failed USB devices: check this to prevent removal of an unplugged USB device from the active camera list. Use this if your devices are unreliable

Hide buttons in Camera Image: check this to hide the Preview, Save and Help buttons on the camera image on the active camera list

Send Email for failed USB devices: check this to reveive a email notification when a USB device fails


Audio feedback: plays clicks for each web server access

Screen Capture: enables Screen Capture as screen.jpg / screen.mjpg

Create Last Access Files: creates files in the cameras config folder when the camera is accessed. This is useful when you want to use 3rd party programs to analyze / evaluate camera usage.

PHP interpreter: if you want to use php with AbelCams internal web server, you need a PHP interpreter. Enter its full path here or click on (...) to browse for this .exe file.

Support PHP mime types: check this if you want to use PHP files which provide more than just html pages, eg jpeg images or sound

Speak Messages: check this option to let AbelCam talk. Select voice (usually only one is available), talking speed and volume. Whatever shows up in the Messages window will be read.

Debug Options

Debug Info: check this to create a log file in AbelCams configuration folder.

Web Debug: check this to let AbelCams web server report to the log file as well

Participate in the Quality Improvement Program: if this is checked, AbelCam reports which functions of the program are being used. This information is transfered anonymously and will be used to improve features which are being used often.

these options help to find bugs in AbelCam.

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