All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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By far the best and most full featured piece of software I have seen for the Logitech cameras.

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User Information and License

My Name

enter your full first and last name here. Use A-Z,a-z, space and dot only

My Email

enter your email address here

A valid email address is required to receive the free AbelCam license.

Receive Update info

check this if you want to receive information about new versions and other information about AbelCam

Request License

check this to request a free AbelCam license.

License Key

Enter the license key here.

The license is tied to your name.

Proxy Configuration

if I am a AbelCam Expert is not checked in Options these options are not visible. If you need a proxy for AbelCam to be able to contact the license server, you need to fill the proxy information:

Login: Login for Proxy Server - if no login is required, just leave this empty

Password: Password for Proxy Server - if no password is required, just leave this empty

Host: Name or IP address of Proxy Server

Port: Port of Proxy Server (eg. Squid default 3128)

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