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Web Server Basic

Web Server: check this to switch on the internal web server.

Check Internet: once a license is registered, you can use this linklabel to test if your cameras are visible from the internet. Without a license, this linklabel is not visible.

Host Name: enter the name or the IP address of your computer

Autohost: click this to retrieve the IP number of your internet connection

Monitor IP address: when this is checked, AbelCam monitors the network interface and requests the public IP number from the internet when a change is detected

Server Port: this is the port used by AbelCams web server. Default is 8080

External Server Port: port number used on the webservers web pages, see Wiki Page

Data Dir: this folder holds the web servers content. If you want to modify the default pages, copy the whole wwwroot folder to a different location and change this textbox to point to the new location. This avoids loosing your changes when updating AbelCam.

Logfile: Check this to write a web server access log file. Enter the complete file path and name or select one using (...)

Show request country: check this to show the viewers origin in the messages window

Talk on Webserver Access: check this to have the country spoken if Speak Messages is enabled.

Collect Client Stats: check this to collect access statistics. The statistics can be viewed on AbelCams web pages.

Chat enabled: check this to activate AbelCams internal chat server.

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