All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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This is the Most Wonderful software I have used for many many years. Ablecam has done many things like making sure my wife is healthy and safe, videos of puppies swimming in my pool, great security software even hosting my webpage!

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User Information and License Camera Licenses Options Scheduler Self Check Web Server Basic Internet Passwords Commands Proxy IP Filters Plugins

Web Server Basic

Web Server: check this to switch on the internal web server.

Check Internet: once a license is registered, you can use this linklabel to test if your cameras are visible from the internet. Without a license, this linklabel is not visible.

Host Name: enter the name or the IP address of your computer

Autohost: click this to retrieve the IP number of your internet connection

Monitor IP address: when this is checked, AbelCam monitors the network interface and requests the public IP number from the internet when a change is detected

Server Port: this is the port used by AbelCams web server. Default is 8080

External Server Port: port number used on the webservers web pages, see Wiki Page

Data Dir: this folder holds the web servers content. If you want to modify the default pages, copy the whole wwwroot folder to a different location and change this textbox to point to the new location. This avoids loosing your changes when updating AbelCam.

Logfile: Check this to write a web server access log file. Enter the complete file path and name or select one using (...)

Show request country: check this to show the viewers origin in the messages window

Talk on Webserver Access: check this to have the country spoken if Speak Messages is enabled.

Collect Client Stats: check this to collect access statistics. The statistics can be viewed on AbelCams web pages.

Chat enabled: check this to activate AbelCams internal chat server.

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