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Caption Active: if this checkbox is checked, the caption will be shown

Caption Text: you may use Date/Time substitutions if you don't want to use the Date/Time formats supported below.

Nr: select Caption Number 1-4. Each caption can be configured independently from the others

Caption from File:if the checkbox is checked, the text field above must contain the full name for a text file containing the caption.

This option can be used to display dynamic information generated by other programs, eg weather information.

use the Unicode/ASCII radio buttons to match the files character set

Date / Time:if checked, time and/or date are shown in the caption. Select front or end to prepend or append time and/or date to the caption text

Background Color: the caption can be underlaid with a colored background. use this button to select the color.

Background Transparency: use this slider to select the background transparency. Low values on the left make the background more transparent.

Caption Size: use this slide to set the caption size. This slider is relative to the total image area to keep the captions size when you change the image resolution.

Caption Position: Select the captions position from this droplist.

Select Font: use this button to choose the font used for the caption. Any font installed on your system cam be used.

Font Color: use this button to select the foreground color of the caption.

Shadow: check this checkbox to add shadow to the caption. If the font color is dark, the shadow color is white. If the font color is bright, the shadow color is black

Transparent: check this to make the caption transparent

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