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AbelCam has been working great for me.
The only time I ever reboot on the webcam PC is when MS sends down an update patch.
I think a big problem with some other webcam software is memory leaks. You seem to have those plugged.

The pro version is definitely worth the 20 Euros

 Harry Andrews  more>>

File Menu | Cameras | Configuration | Messages | About |

Capture Device Description Size & Orientation Caption Image Overlay Zoom Pan Tilt Local Save Email on Motion Detection FTP Config Files WMV Streaming Effects Video Save TV Tuner Web Video URL

Email on Motion Detection

This configuration form exists for both Local Save Motion Detection and FTP Motion Detection

Mail Server:if your mail server does not use the standart port 25, use the following form:



StartTLS / SSL: use these checkboxes when your smtp server requires a encrypted connection to send mail

Authentication User/Password: enter the login information for the smtp server if required

Send Email on motion detection: check this to activate email on motion detection

Send email when camera does not work: check this if you want to be notified about camera failures

Attach Picture: check this if you want the image with detection motion to be included in the email

Email only every x hours: enter a value > 0 if you don't want emails to be sent on every motion detected. Fractions of hours are ok (eg. 0.25 = 15 minutes)

Test: click here to test your settings

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