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After spending ages installing and uninstalling lots of other cam software I finally found AbelCam. It does everything I wanted, and brilliantly.

There seems to be nothing else available that even comes close.

 Ian Knights  more>>

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Capture Device Description Size & Orientation Caption Image Overlay Zoom Pan Tilt Local Save Email on Motion Detection FTP Config Files WMV Streaming Effects Video Save TV Tuner Web Video URL

Size & Orientation

Video Size Input vs. Output

if you want to enable zoom and your device does not support driver zoom, it makes sense to make input size bigger than the output size.

Virtual PTZ also works best if the input resolution is set higher than the output resolution.

Input size is used for Local Save, FTP Upload and Video Save, Output size for all web output

Picture Quality: this setting is used for jpeg and motion jpeg images. Lower values mean lower quality. 40 is the recommended value.

Deinterlace: the TyCapture interface offers the Deinterlace option for capture devices with a TV tuner.

Mirror: check these checkboxes to mirror the image

Rotate: check these checkboxes to rotate the image

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