All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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Capture Device

Camera Configuration

Capture Device

Use Cam: This checkbox switches the capture device on and off

Name: The name will be used on the web pages

Max Motion JPEG frames / No limit: this sets the behaviour for motion JPEG streams. Either set a limit for the number of frames to be transmitted or check No Limit

Framerate: this is the frame rate in frames per second

Do not use for Web Server: check this if you don't want this camera to be included in the web pages generated by the built in web server (*)

Show Frame Rate: if this is checked, the frame rate for both capturing and sending will be shown in the camera list.

Show Logo: when this is checked, the camera will show the logo image before starting to stream images (*)

Driver Options: These buttons configure the camera driver. What options are available and how they are presented and stored is up the camera driver.

Debug: check this to include this camera in the debug log (*)

(*) these options are available only if I am a AbelCam Expert is checked

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