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FTP Motion Detection

FTP Motion Detection

Note: only one shot will be stored for the interval specified in FTP Upload, the one with the most motion. If no motion has been detected, no image will be uploaded


Motion Detection Settings

Motion Detection: this checkbox activates Motion Detection (if FTP Upload is active)

No Motion detection during moves: if the camera is a PTZ camera, motion detection will be disabled during camera moves

Start Detecting if the user is idle for XX minutes: If this is checked, the program will detect keyboard events. If the keyboard has not been used for the chosen interval, motion detection start.

XX seconds to wait before motion detection starts: this adds a delay before motion detection is started


Auto Trigger: check this to legt AbelCam calculate the trigger value based on average motion. Otherwise enter the trigger value.

Current Value: this shows the current motion level

Sensitivity: use this slider to set the sensitivity ( left = low )

Show Motion: check this to overlay the motion level as a magenta bar on the image

Email on Motion: click here to configure the settings for Email on Motion Detection

Motion Sound: if this is checked, the selected audio file will be played when motion is detected

Detection Area

Motion Detection Area

Rectangle Active: If this is checked, motion detection is limited to the rectangle(s) defined

Add Rectangle: click here to add a rectangle, drag the mouse on the image to define its size. Note: for improved precision you might want to enlarge the form

Clear All: remove all rectangles

See also: Motion Detection in the wiki

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