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Motion Detection

AbelCams motion detection is available for

For configuration screen shots see the Online Help Page

The motion detectors work independantly. You may configure completely different settings in Video Save, FTP Upload and Local Save.

Show Motion

Configuring Motion Detection is a science. It may be hard in your environment to find the correct values to avoid false alarms.

You can play with Sensitivity and Motion Detection Areas to get best results. To help you with the configuration of Motion Detection, AbelCam has the Show Motion feature. When enabled, a motion detection bar is overlayd on the image for each motion detector.


Show Motion

Magenta bar: Local Save

Cyan bar: FTP Upload

Yellow bar: Video Save on Motion Detection

The current trigger level is shown as a white line labeled with L for Local Save. For Video Save, the letter is V when not recording, K when recording (see keep recording setting)

For Local Save and FTP upload you see a line well above the current trigger level. This is the motion level of the image which is to be saved next.

These bars are shown in the program and on the images the web server delivers but they won't show up in the saved images.

You may also see the area where motion has been detected.

http://localhost:8080/current0.jpg?motion=L shows the areas with detected motion for Camera 0, Local Save as a JPEG image

http://localhost:8080/current0.mjpg?motion=V shows the areas with detected motion for Camera 0, Video Save as a motion JPEG stream

Here an example of the FTP Upload motion detection as a motion jpeg stream:

Show Motion mjpeg Stream

static parts of the image are shown normal, detected motion is marked in cyan