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WMV Streaming (TyCapture) WMV Streaming (VideoCapX)

WMV Streaming (VideoCapX)

Video Server: click here to enable / disable the Windows Media Server for this capture device

WMV Version: select the Windows Media Server Version. Depending on your system, Versions 4,7 and 8 are available.

WMV Profile: select the streaming profile to be used.

Audio Device: select the Audio source for the server

Audio Channel: select the input channel for Audio

Mode: the following modes are available:

  • Always On: the windows media streaming is enabled all the time
  • On Demand: when a viewer hits the Windows Media Stream in the browser, the Video Server will be started. This takes some time until it's ready but saves resources.
  • Push Broadcast: use this setting to stream video to a Publishing Point

Max. Clients: how many people can connect to this windows media stream concurrently

Port: Which port to use for this media stream. Note: if you want to be able to access this stream from the internet, you will have to configure your firwall/router to allow this

Preview Audio: check this to hear the Audio on your computer, not just in the stream

Author: this sets the Author information in the stream

TyCapture is the only capture interface which supports WMV streams without Audio.

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