All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

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Video Save

Control Options


  • use the Video Save checkbox to start/stop recording
  • select the location for the video
  • eigther use Time based name or enter a file name. You may use Date/Time substitutions in the file name.
  • for Motion Detection Video you may choose to Start a new video when Time Based name is checked

If you save the camera settings with recording active, the video recording will be started next time you load the capture interface.

Recording Format


Format WMV

  • for versions 4,7, and 8 select a video profile
  • for version 9, select a video profile file


Format AVI

With the VideoCapX interface recording real time, you may choose to record audio as well. For other capture interfaces the audio option is not available.

Many of the Codecs that appear in the listbox were placed on your system by third-party software for very specific purposes. These codecs are probably not suitable to use for AbelCam Video Save.

There are codecs on some (most?) systems that seem to be designed for Telecine conversion operations. These codecs should be avoided! When used with AbelCam they do produce a video file but the codec plays around with the embedded timestamps and even drops frames. This is design behaviour on the codec's part: correct for telecine work, not good for AbelCam needs.

The codecs to avoid have "Cine" in their names. On a clean XP install there is only "Cinepak by Radius". If you've installed 3ed party video editing programs there will be other "Cine*" codecs as well.

For best results, keep your codec selection "simple": choose a codec that came with Windows. Microsoft Video 1 codec will always work but the quality is not so good. If available, try a DivX codec or one of the Intel Indeo family. Indeo 5.11 is one that works quite nicely; other Intel Indeo versions are good too.

Recording Options

all recording options record until

  • time limit is reached or
  • size limit is reached (available with the VideoCapX interface) or
  • Video Save checkbox is unchecked

    if the Show Caption in Video checkbox is checked, both caption and overlay image are included in the video (not available with VideoCapX)

    Real Time

    Recording Real Time

    records as captured by the capture interface

    Web Access

    Recording on Web Access

    Records every image requested by the web server - see what your viewers were looking at

    Motion Detection

    Recording Motion Detection

    Records detected motion.

    sets the motion detection sensitivity. The image shows the default setting. Move the slider to the right for higher sensitivity.

    Motion Trigger
    either set a trigger value or check Auto Trigger to let AbelCam calculate the trigger value

    Current Value
    this shows the current motion level. Use this to find good values for sensitivity and trigger

    Show Motoin
    if this is checked, a magenta bar will show the current motion level in the captured images, but not in the recorded video

    No motion Detection during moves
    check this to avoid motion detection when zooming or when a pan/tilt camera moves

    Pre motion seconds
    how many seconds to record before motion detection was triggered. Setting this to a value > 0 enables this feature. It requires memory to buffer frames

    Keep recording for XX seconds
    how long to keep recording after motion detection was triggered. If you want to keep recording after the motion event, set the Keep recording value > 0

    Motion Detection