All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

AbelCam is a critical component to any web / IP cam system. The Pro version is worth every penny, and the after sales support is superb. A real gem.

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Optional parameters for Images and JPEG Streams

Various settings can be set on demand.

Video Size


note: height and width are not available for screen shots


Picture border

you may request a picture with a frame around it. The image will be scaled to fit the remaining space.

  • borderwidth=w
    w = width of the border in pixels. Values 0-99 are allowed
  • bordercolor=RrGgBb?
    RGB value of the border color. Example: bordercolor=FF0000 for a red border


black border http://localhost:8080/current.jpg?borderwidth=5&bordercolor=000000
light blue http://localhost:8080/current.jpg?borderwidth=2&bordercolor=8888FF

Picture border is only available for current.jpg, not for screen shots or motion JPEG streams.


Frame rate

all JPEG streams can stream at a selectable frame rate. The maximum frame rate is defined for the video device in Devices

To set the frame rate on demand, define the fps parameter.




Selection for replay of stored shots

to filter picture replay, use the filter parameter:


this will show pictures taken on Oct 19th 2005 (if pictures were save with time based names)

Combine parameters

to use more than one parameter in a request, combine them using &


this will show your desktop sized to 640x480 and refreshed once per second


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