All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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Pan Tilt

Use PTZ: check this to activate the PTZ device

PTZ droplist: select the PTZ device to use with this capture device. Virtual PTZ is available for all capture interfaces.

Invert PT moves: check these checkboxes to invert lef/right and/or up/down moves

Test Device: click on this control to move the PTZ device. The red dot reflects the current position.

Horizontal/Vertical: current PTZ position

Follow Motion: check this for the PTZ device to follow detected motion.

Use Alternative Homing: check this to use AbelCams internal homing sequence instead of the drivers homing function

use Saved Position on Startup: check this for the camera to move to the predefined PTZ position when started.

Move to stored position after x minutes: check this for the camera to move to the stored predefined PTZ position when it has not been moved for x minutes. This avoids situations where the camera is looking at a boring location or into the sun.

Save Camera Position: click this button to use the current PTZ position as predefined position. For permanent storage you need to hit the Save button afterwards.

LED Off is available only for the Logitech Sphere / Orbit MP and AF cameras.

IP PTZ is covered in the Wiki


Pan Tilt Presets

Use Presets: check this to show the presets on the web pages generated by the builtin web server

New: click here to create a new preset

Up/Down Arrows: move the selected preset up/down

Delete: delete the selected preset

Name: name of the preset to be shown on the web pages

Pan: horizontal position

Tilt: vertital position

Zoom: Zoom value

Save: Save this Preset

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