All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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Image Overlay

Nr: Select Image Number 1-4. Each overlay image can be configured independently from the others.

Overlay Active: check this to activate the overlay image

Size: this shows the size of the currently selected overlay image

Transparency: use this slider to set the transparency of the image. The left side shows image opaque. If your image has transparent parts (eg PNG images), they are shown transparent without this setting.

Overlay Image file name: enter the file name here, or use the (...) button to select an image

Image Position

To position the overlay image, click on the image.

When you see the crosshair cursor, you can move the image by moving the cursor.

Click to fix the overlay image position.

You may also enter the position in the following entry fields:

Margin Left: horizontal position

Margin Right: vertical position

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