All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

How to configure IP PTZ

In order to use IP PTZ, a camera has to be added as Web Video / IPPtzCamera.

The configuration form contains the option IP PTZ


AbelCam works with coordinates +-100 for both pan and tilt. IP PTZ Cameras use all kind of values and ways to set them. The IP PTZ configuration maps the cameras coordinates to the AbelCam coordinates.

Camera Type

First configure the camera type you are using

AbelCam supports three types of IP PTZ cameras. They all have in common a web interface which allows to control PTZ moves.

  • PTZ Read Write
    these devices allow to set and read PTZ parameters. Those parameters can either be absolute (in relation to the whole PTZ range) or relative ( to the current PTZ position)
  • PTZ Write only
    While PTZ values can be set, these devices do not reveal the current PTZ position. Positioning is possible either absolute or relative to current position.
  • PTZ Write Steps
    This camera type can only be moved stepwise.

Preconfigured types

Preconfigured IP PTZ

the preconfigured types can be used to get started with IP PTZ and be adjusted if required.


Calibrate is required only for cameras with relative positioning.

Control Configuration



Configure the pan, tilt and zoom range in camera units


For bot Get and Set operations, use the templates #PVALUE, #TVALUE, #ZVALUE for the cameras pan, tilt and zoom values


  • Initialize Camera
    insert up to two URLs which will be called before starting PTZ operations
  • Move Home
    Use this URL to configure the home position
  • Set
    this URL controls the PTZ position



URL and template to retrieve the current PTZ position


  • Keep Alive Interval
    some cameras want to move to their home position. If this interval is > 0, every x seconds the position will be set to the current position in order nail the camera to that position
  • Wait Factor for Pan moves
    required for PTZ write only cameras. The wait factor prevents camera move commands while camera is still moving. 2 is a good value for fast cameras, use 10 for slow ones.
  • Wait Factor for Tilt moves
    Same as above for Tilt moves

Pan | Tilt | Zoom

  • URL to set value
    use these URLs when Pan/Tilt/Zoom cannot be set with one URL in Control Configuration / Set
  • URL to get values
    use these URLs when Pan/Tilt/Zoom cannot be set with one URL in Control Configuration / Get