All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

This is the Most Wonderful software I have used for many many years. Ablecam has done many things like making sure my wife is healthy and safe, videos of puppies swimming in my pool, great security software even hosting my webpage!

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Many people uninstall and reinstall AbelCam trying to solve configuration problems.

While this might work with software that writes a default configuration in the registry on installation, reinstallation does not cure AbelCam problems.

To recover from faulty configuration and/or to reset the configuration you need to remove (or rename) the AbelCam folder.

If you don't know how to find it, click on Configuration Folder in the AbelCam / Web window.

If AbelCam is not starting up anymore, you can also follow this procedure:

  • click Start / Run
  • enter %programdata% and press enter - this will open an explorer window.
  • navigate to "Seiz System Engineering"
  • rename the AbelCam folder, single click on AbelCam and press <F2>
  • now you can start AbelCam, and it will behave as if there was started for the first time - no reinstall required

Similar procedures can be used to back up or deactivate camera configurations within the AbelCam folder.

The camera configuration folders start with cam... - renaming them to save-cam... or similar will deactivate a camera.

If problems continue, proceed as in Support