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Thanks again for writing such a nice program!
I am so impressed. FTP runs without missing a beat ... Something I have NEVER seen before from a cam program. Usually I get a few images undersize every day or the ftp fails a few times during the day. NOT with your program it runs flawless. Another thing is the quality of the ftp images is much better than my old software, yet the images are about 1/8 the size.... Just gain gain gain ....

 Ken Carpenter  more>>

Software is Made in Switzerland

AbelCam's features leave no wishes unanswered:

Flexible Web Services

with AbelCams builtin webserver you don't need expensive web hosting
The server supports various technologies:
SilverLight, PHP, CGI, Ajax, all documented with templates.
Configure AbelCam remotely with the Web Admin Interface
Read more about the Web Server

Process Captured Images

Motion detection / replay

Multiple Camera support

Pan Tilt Zoom support

Windows Media Server

Plugin Support

AbelCam lets you:

  • Manage multiple webcam streams easily.
  • Avoid using an independent hosting service by using the integrated web server.
  • Capture images using motion detection.

Who Needs AbelCam?
You do if you've ever:

  • Wanted an effective yet inexpensive remote surveillance solution.
  • Needed the ability to manage remote webcams with full tilt, pan, and zoom support.
  • Found the software that came with your webcam to be limiting.
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