All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
AbelCam noshow Viewer for WinMo

Thanks for a fine program. I appreciate your efforts as a fellow programmer. I can appreciate all the hard work you put into this. It does show.

 Chris Churton  more>>


AbelCam Viewer for Windows Mobile

A program to view and control AbelCam cameras on Windows Mobile phones is available.


Select Server Select Camera The program has been changed - it now uses WinMo Menues. These screenshots show an earlier version

Camera View Portrait Landscape

Control Buttons

All screenshots above have been taken from a Sony Ericsson X1
if a camera resolution is higher than the mobile devices screen resolution, a downscaled image will be requested.
if the camera resolution is lower than the screen resolution, the mobile device will upscale the image


updated 2012-03-12, copy the CAB file on your device and open it there with the file explorer. This will install the program on your mobile device.

new Download AbelCamViewer.msi

includes installer for windows operating systems, allows installation through ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center

A windows mobile smartphone with touch screen is required.
Windows Mobile versions 5.0 - 6.5 are supported, the .NET compact framework is required.