All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
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AbelCam webcam server for windows capture device list

The following 3732 devices have been used with AbleCam:

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  • 2Mega Camera driver
  • 2Mega Camera, WDM Video Capture driver
  • 3 Axis (Webcam) driver
  • 3 Axis Web Camera driver
  • 3.0M DSC Video Capture driver
  • 3.0M SD DSC WDM Video Capture driver
  • 300k USB2.0 CCD Camera driver
  • 3056 BDA Analog Capture driver
  • 320 SPACEC@M driver
  • 360 USB2.0 SPACEC@M driver
  • 3Com HomeConnect Digital Camera AVI Driver driver
  • 3Com PC WebCam Lite driver
  • 3Com: 3com USB Cam 01 driver
  • 3Com: Amalia driver
  • 3Com: Mona2 driver
  • 3dfx Voodoo3TV Capture driver
  • 3D_Web_Camera driver
  • 4.0M MPEG4 DV Video Capture driver
  • 4.1M MPEG4 DV Video Capture driver
  • 5.1MZ DSC WDM Video Capture driver
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