All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
AbelCam Documentation Webcam Multiple Input

AbelCam supports capture devices with multiple video inputs.

Once a device with multiple inputs is detected, you can select the input in the configuration form and from the web pages.

If you use a device with multiple inputs for the first time, it will be detected only after Use Cam has been checked.
After saving the device configuration, the device options will be available as soon as you add the device.


AbelCam creates a configuration file to control the availability of the inputs on the web pages.
The file name is videoinput.txt and it is located in the capture devices configuration folder.

Configuration line format

  • Lines starting with # are ignored.
  • input number
    this is the number of the video input channel used internally
  • internal name
    this is the name of the video input channel the device driver uses
  • public name
    name of the video input channel for the web pages
    by default, this is equal to the internal name



# this file contains all the available video inputs for this device
# format: 
# input number:internal name:public name
0:Video SVideo:SVideo
1:Video Tuner:Tuner
2:Video Composite:Composite
#3:Video AUX:AUX1
#4:Video AUX:AUX2

In this example, the following video input channels will be visible in the web pages:
SVideo Tuner Composite