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AbelCam is a nifty application that allows you to remotely control the pan and tilt of your motorized USB cameras from Logitech and Creative on any web browsers.  more>>


AbelCam FTP Plugin

this plugin has been published to make it easier to get your images on the web.

Plugin Image


Camera URL

this url points to one of your active cameras - by default this is camera 0


hit this button to check

  • image acquisition
  • ftp upload

if everything is ok the configuration can be saved on disk

Upload Interval

for now the minimum upload interval is 120 seconds

Target Name

here you can see the URL to retrieve your image.

The image URL remains the same for one AbelCam installation and can be used in your web pages.

Write Debug Log

check this to store information about the plugins operation in a log in the plugins configuration folder

Save to disk

hit this button to store the plugins configuration to disk


this button closes the config form

Insert the image on your web pages

Sample HTML code for image reload using JavaScript