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AbelCam Download Changes Development from 1.6.1 to 2.0.4 - Details


Versions 1.7.8 through 2.0.3 were released to LogiSphere Members who helped a lot in developing the new features and chasing bugs.

Many thanks to all involved!

1.7.0 - 1.7.8

never published


  • resolve UI Lockup:

    no motion detection when cam control interface is open, motion detection resumes when the control interface is closed.

    Should the lockup occur, you can use the new URL to control motion detection: /motiondetection requires Admin Password

    changes using this URL will not be reflected in the GUI.

  • New SSI for motion detection shots:

    <!--#start replay --> shown when local save is active AND replay count is > zero <!--#stop replay -->


PTZ preview shows same dot as java applet

Proxy Feature - use LogiSphere to call any web appliance within your network

Web Admin Server settings are updated in the program window

Hidden startup possible now

Web Server Port cannot be changed in web admin

motion detection optionally only starts after the user not typed anything for x minutes


removed /motiondetection feature as this can be handled with the web administration

removed the password for the above feature, replaced with password for replay (replay.mjpg)

replaced file name for replay (motion.mjpg) with new one (replay.mjpg), old file name will still be supported, at least until version 2.0

Changed behaviour of saving PTZ position. New button Save Camera Position saves position to memory to avoid overwriting stored position when configuring other camera properties.

Added PTZ invert up/down, invert settings even work now :-)

Cam Status / Config will reflect selection on device list better

Added a test button for Email on Motion configuration

Video Save Record Single Frame on Motion Detection works now Best experience with AVI, Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2


More information shown on Local Save / FTP Upload

Both forms update properties without start/stop

Fixed a bug where Video Recording Button was not displaying current status correctly

Fixed loop on server stop

Added Save button for Server Messages

Updated applets readme.txt


Email Settings are now stored correctly for Local Save and FTP Upload

Save on Web Access ignores LogiSphere Server online check

Chat window opens when configuration is complete (if chat is enabled), not earlier during initialization


Invert enabled for Creative Live! Motion

new ssi include <!--#capturefolder --> will be replaced with local save path

limited php support (install php5 in c:\php)


improved PTZ control through one URL

no motion detection when moving PTZ cam is more patient now

reimplemented record control URLs

/record[camnr]-status /record[camnr]-start /record[camnr]-stop


no motion detection longer for Creative Live! Motion than for the Logitech Orbit

TP Support with TrackerPod ( affiliate )

fixed bug in server-admin with lots of data - big POST requests were not transmitted completely as a buffer was limited to 1kB


Multiple Video Input Devices:

the input selection is inactive (ssi) when only one input selection is available in videoinputs.txt (see help file)

Switches to first input channel listed in videoinputs.txt on startup

TV Tuners

Switches to first input channel listed in tuner.txt

Error Message in Serverlog if changing channel fails.

Ftp Upload

Test returns success message

file name not required when Time Base name is checked

Local Save

File name required when Time Base name is unchecked

Reenabled sounds on video stream start/stop

includes help file

fixed zoom change when switching to and from driverzoom

highres.jpg now supports zoomed shots when using driverzoom

Save / Restore PTZ position works now - including zoom setting

includes latest GeoIP database


fixed some issues with resolution switch and zoom

default for Caption changed to font=yellow, align=BottomCenter, Shadow=True


Added close button (X) in User and License Form

fixed Video Server On Demand

new OCX, version with homegrown Interop DLLs

accepts underscore in email entries


Changed audio device init

instead of reading all audio devices and channels on startup, no matter if it's used

LogiSphere will now only check for audio devices and channels when selected in the Video Server configuration.

Select (no audio) if you don't use the Video Server

If the Video Server is not configured, WMV Video Save is not available

Applet logiabs now supports custom color settings, see help file for parameters

Improved handling of devices which do not respond as expected (failure on open)

Debug Log now cumulates entries over one minute if identical, instead of just one second

2.0.3 release 2006-11-16

handling of audio devices improved

progressbar for zoom changed

made sure video server and video save don't attempt to run at the same time

cam online counter fixed

Activated help key F1 wherever possible


Video Save Time limit activated for all three types of video saving

Changed User and Licence form, available options depend on existing licenses

Further improved handling of audio - hope this is it now...

Fixed bug that caused crash when starting up with Chat active

added one second delay before restoring position of TrackerPod